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Open world

Be creative.

How about Greening plan?

Leisurely, architectural life.

The game to enjoy building

Make your own avatar first. Become a pioneer, collect items, buy and own land, and build. The unpredictable and creative architecture of the players, or user-generated content, is the main attraction of the game. You will want to embark on a journey of exploration. In the early access version, there are pyramids stacked with 3,000 items, wooden structures, and more. The game is especially recommended for architecture enthusiasts. The early access version was released on Steam in August 2018 and first exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show 2018 Indie Game Booth. In the four years since then, the game has continued to evolve and develop into a long-awaited online multiplayer version.


  • 3D avatar creation
  • Multiplayer mode dynamically and automatically displays surrounding players
  • Shared world with other players' buildings in the vicinity
  • Fine architectural detail with grid spacing of a few centimeters compared to sandbox games with 1-meter voxels, etc.
  • Open world land can be owned under your own name
  • Everything is cloud-saved and unlimited in size, just like the web
  • Share land information and screen shots publicly on the web!
  • It will be a long-lived game that will run for 20 years!

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Feelin Open World. Join as an Early Access player, get nice place now.


New avatar creation supported!! 2023/05/07

Released Ver 0.5.0 on STEAM

Online Multiplayer supported!! 2022/08/06

Released Ver 0.4.0 on STEAM

Road map 1

Multiplayer support Add co-own land system, co-building operations
Character Creation Addition of human and semi-machine human type

Road map 2

Item Tin plate, glass, etc. Even enhance green plants!
Biome Caves, cliffs, etc.

Road map 3

Event Feelin wants to exhibit at Gamescom 2023m Tokyo Game Show 2023!
Steam Deck Will be supported the Steam Deck controller soon.
Nintendo Also working on the Switch version in a bit.

Road map 4

World The development of the World depends on you!
We need more Feelin residents!

Please support us by playing the game, uploading building screen caps, and tweeting!

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