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New Planet Migration Program

Feelin Corp, a leading space exploration company, has announced a new planet migration program. The program will send humans to the newly discovered planet FLN-620, where they will be tasked with establishing a new world.

Solve the Greatest Mystery

The migration program will give participants the chance to solve this mystery and learn more about the universe.


Calling all pioneers!
A new world awaits you.

Let's make this planet
our home!

Let's make human interplanetary migration
a success.


  • Create your own low-poly avatar.
  • Share the world with other players, even in single-player mode.
  • Nearby online players will be automatically displayed in multiplayer mode.
  • Detailed building is possible with a grid interval of several centimeters, compared to sandbox games with 1m blocks.
  • You can own land in the open world under your name.
  • Everything is saved in the cloud, with infinite space like the web.
  • The game will be operated for 20 years, making it a long-lasting game.

About Feelin

What is

Feelin is a sandbox game that allows players to build and explore an open world. The game is available on PC and is published on Steam. Feelin is a great choice for gamers who love to build.

Early Access?

Early access is a game development model in which developers release an unfinished game to the public for feedback and testing. This allows developers to get early feedback from players, which can help them to improve the game before it is officially released.

Land in Feelin

You can purchase and own land plots in the open world. Land plots can be purchased with Land Coins, the in-game currency. Once you purchase a land plot, you are the only one who can build on it. Land plots are 32 meters by 32 meters in size and have a margin around them. Each land plot has a URL address of the form ",y". Land plots can hold up to 3,000 objects.


you can build on land plots that you own or that are in the public domain. **Owned plots are owned by you and can only be built on by you. You cannot build on other players' owned plots. **Open plots can be built on by anyone. You can pick up and collect items on open plots. **Public plots are owned by the game and can be built on by anyone. **Reserved plots are owned by the game and are used for events or other special purposes.

Streaming of Feelin gameplay

Feelin gameplay videos can be streamed on YouTube and Twitch etc. Monetization is allowed. There are no restrictions on the content of the streams. If you are interested in streaming Feelin gameplay, please contact us. We will share links to your stream from the official channel and X/Twitter.

Time to start a new life in space!

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